Amulet Stavros – Mount Athos


A wonderful amulet in the shape of a cross, which is intended for infants so that they always have the blessing of Christ. A special Mount Athos handiwork, which is available in blue and pink color.

Along with the amulet you receive a blessing a small icon of Saint Paisios.


Dimensions: 2 x 3,5 cm


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Amulet Cross

This cross-shaped amulet is a special Mount Athos handiwork, as it is intended for infants, so that they will always have the blessing of Christ. This beautiful amulet, which is available in light blue and pink, is made by monks and can be placed on clothes or on the baby’s cot. On top it has a safety pin and so it can be easily hung wherever we want. It is an authentic Mount Athos amulet in the shape of the Cross, the strongest symbol of Christianity.

Cross: What it symbolizes

The cross is the best-known and most powerful symbol of Christianity. He was sanctified and blessed by the sacrifice of Jesus, who was crucified to take all sins upon himself. A sacrifice of love and mercy with the sole purpose of saving humanity. The cross is for all Christians the most powerful amulet, which is why every prayer we say begins and ends with the cross.

Dimensions: 2 x 3,5 cm

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