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Genuine Mount Athos myrrh in a discreet and practical bottle for the car. So that you can always have with you while you are on the road the traditional fragrance of Mount Athos and the blessings of the fathers who make it. Ideal for scenting the car.

Origin: Mount Athos Pharmacy
Net Weight: 10ml

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Mount Athos myrrh in practical packaging for the car

The authentic Myrrh from Mount Athos is a genuine traditional Athonite aroma. It is a beneficial oil that contains a mixture of plants and aromatic substances.

It is disinfectant and highly aromatic. It is ideal for scenting the car and any space.

Mount Athos myrrh for the car is contained in a small practical bottle with a wooden lid from which hangs a red cord so that you can easily hang it in the car as an aromatic.

What does Myrrh symbolize?

Myrrh is also called “oil of thanksgiving”, “anointing of thanksgiving” or “anointing of heaven”. Its symbolism in the Orthodox tradition is several and particularly important as the Myrrh symbolizes the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Myrrh also symbolizes the aroma of faith, tenderness of heart and devotion to the Lord. As mentioned in the Gospel, a few days before Jesus’ crucifixion, when He was in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, a woman approached Him, holding an alabaster vessel with precious myrrh, with which He anointed His head (Mt 26:6-7).

Myrrh bearers got their name from myrrh. Those women who followed the Lord, along with the Virgin Mary, remained with her during the Passion of Jesus and made sure to anoint His body with myrrh, thus offering honors to their Master.


Net Weight: 10ml
Origin: Mount Athos Pharmacy



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