Seal of Kollyves with Jesus Christ – Wooden – Mount Athos


Wooden seal for glue in round shape, with the design of Jesus Christ in the center.


Dimensions: 17 x 17 cm


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Wooden Seal for Kollyva

A large wooden seal with the design of Jesus Christ occupying its entire center. This seal is available in a round shape and is an indispensable aid for decorating the sticks. In fact, this seal also has two handles to be easily placed on the wheat.  Kollyva is one of the oldest Christian customs and we prepare them on Psycho Saturdays, as well as every time we want to hold a memorial service in the church for the rest of our beloved deceased.

What Kollyva Symbolize

According to the Church, kollyva symbolizes the common resurrection of people. In fact, each of the materials used in the kollyva has its own symbolism. Specifically, wheat symbolizes souls, whitewashed almonds symbolize bare bones and nuts symbolize life that reproduces, while breadcrumbs and flour symbolize light soil. The pomegranate for Christians symbolizes the splendor of Paradise, spices are the aromas of this world, raisins the sweetness of life, but also Christ who is the vine, while sugar symbolizes sweet Paradise.

Dimensions: 17 x 17 cm

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