Bethlehem Incense Set


The Bethlehem Incense Set contains charcoal, incense and wicks, of excellent quality, for quality burning of the lamp and incense. The candle and incense are a very important ritual for our Orthodoxy!
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Bethlehem Incense Set. Contains Charcoal, Incense and wicks

The Incense Set contains charcoal, incense and wicks of excellent quality.

The lighting of the censer carries the symbolism that it is offered as a sacrifice of respect and honor to God and the Saints.

Incense has been called since ancient times the fragrant resin or gum that comes out of the incisions in the trunk of the Lebanon tree, hence frankincense.

It is one of the three gifts offered by the three Magi to our Lord. It symbolizes our prayer ascending like smoke to the throne of God. Just as frankincense is found with burning charcoal and does not stay there, but after it is heated it rises upwards and spreads the fragrance.

The Offering of Incense

The offering of incense has been known since the Old Testament where it was commanded by God. This good habit carried over to Christian worship. Incense is especially offered at vespers with the bright light of the setting sun and at the chanting of the second verse of Psalm where “my prayer is directed as incense before you” is sung.

What does the wick symbolize?

In the Incense Set you will also find the aromatic wick. The wick is suitable for quality combustion and long preservation of our lamp! The candle symbolizes the light of Christ that illuminates every person, as well as the well-known command of our Lord that we should be, Christians, the lights of the world. The oil burns in our oil lamps, “the oil of God indicates oil”, writes Saint Simeon of Thessaloniki, so we must make sure that it is always pure virgin olive oil. The lighting of the lamp carries the symbolism that it is offered as a sacrifice of respect and honor to God and his Saints. The excellent wick offers clean combustion without smoke and long lasting!

How to use the Incense Set – Instructions for use:

Hold the charcoal and light it. Once the sparking begins, put the charcoal in the incense pot. Place the rosemary when the charcoal turns red.

It offers clean combustion and long duration without smoke.

Net Weight: 102 gr

In “Mount Athos Heritage” you will find the authentic Mount Athos charcoal powder, prepared by Mount Athos monks.

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