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The Handmade Incense in Mount Athos Paste is smokeless and burns for several hours, It stands out for its wonderful aromas that create a feeling of devotion and joy and convey to your place the blessings of the Athonite State.  Available in the following perfumes: Cherubic, Desert Flower, Myrrh Ag. Kyprianou, Rose, Byzantine, Cypress, Gardenia.

Origin: Mount Athos

Net Weight: 10gr

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The Handmade Incense in Paste from Mount Athos is a 100% authentic monastic product. The construction of Incense is a work of the monks,

especially the Kelliots and ascetics, who have it as a handiwork, from which they live. It is made with a lot of care, attention and the personal care of the monks, because its preparation requires laborious work as incense goes through many stages until it takes its final form. All this combined with a lot of prayer, because incense is used for divine worship.

The Mount Athos fathers have a long tradition in the preparation of handmade incense that stands out for its quality and unique aroma.

Incense and Symbolism

Incense symbolizes our prayer reaching the throne of God. Its smoke and aroma rise high and symbolize the prayer of the Christian who, when done with the warmth of his heart, ascends to heaven and reaches God the Father.

The offering of incense has been a command of God since the Old Testament. This blessed habit is an element of Orthodox tradition and worship. “Direct my prayer as incense before you” refers to the second verse of Psalm RM, which is read every afternoon at the Vespers service.

How to use

Incense is not only performed in the temple during Church services. Every Christian in his home does well to observe this beautiful and blessed habit so that his prayer may be answered by God.

Place a piece of incense in paste on charcoal, inside the censer. The paste burns smokelessly and emits its wonderful aroma as it heats up and melts. Mount Athos Incense paste lasts for several hours and with its wonderful aromas will convey to you and your home the fragrance and blessings of Mount Athos.

Origin: Mount Athos
Net Weight: 10gr

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