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Slow-burning charcoal “Mount Sinai”

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1 roll with 6 slow-burning charcoals. The diameter of each tablet is 33 mm. Observe the blessed habit of reminding your home daily with charcoal and incense from the large collection of “Mount Athos Heritage”.

Net Weight: 41 gr


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1 roll with 6 slow burning charcoals. The diameter of each tablet is 33 mm.

Instructions for use: Hold the charcoal with the tongs and light it. Once it starts to light up, place it in the censer and wait a while until the charcoal turns red. Place the incense on the burning charcoal and as it heats up, it gradually melts and emits its wonderful aroma. When the incense is burned, it creates a smoke of fragrance and an atmosphere of devotion that, along with the prayer of the Christian, ascends to the Throne of God.

In the Holy Church, at every Holy Service, the priest incenses. Christians can observe this blessed practice daily in their homes.

Charcoal stands out with its superior quality. Find them along with a large collection of incense in “Mount Athos Heritage”.

Net Weight: 41 gr

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