Lamps Hanging – High Strength Glass


Lamp hanging with wonderful colors on its surface made of handmade glass of high quality. A lamp with color in the mass of glass, which results in an amazing result.

Glass height 14 cm.
Lamp height 60 cm.
Diameter 12 cm.
Net weight 610 gr.

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Handmade glass lamps in 5 colors

An elegant hanging lamp made of handmade glass available in five colors (orange, blue, green, red and blue).  It has been manufactured with a special process (fusing) in which the glass melts in a furnace at very high temperatures from 593 °C to 816 °C. With this process the glass acquires depth, as well as a special texture and form.

This is glass with high temperature resistance and painted with high-strength paint.

Due to its high quality and wonderful design, it can be a wonderful gift to loved ones.

What does the lighting of the oil lamp symbolize?

According to Orthodox tradition, we have lit a candle in our house as a sign of respect and honor to God, the Virgin Mary and the Saints. The lighting of the oil lamp is a custom with strong Christian symbolism, as this light is likened to the Light of Christ, which illuminates every person, while reminding us that we should be, Christians, the lights of the world.

The oil lamp

reminds us that our lives should be bright like the saints, illuminates our space and drives away evil, while it is a token of offering and gratitude, with which we thank God for life, for salvation and for all that his infinite love gives us. In addition, the oil used in the oil lamp, and which must be good quality olive oil, symbolizes the infinite mercy of God, while the candle itself is the Church.

Glass height 14 cm.
Lamp height 60 cm
Diameter 12 cm.
Net weight 720 gr.



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