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Jesus the Great High Priest – Iconostasis on Natural Aging Wood – Mount Athos

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A wonderful iconostasis with Jesus as the Great High Priest from a monk of Mount Athos. The impeccable technique of the monk is distinguished, as well as the special wood he used, as it comes from a restored cell of the Athonite State, a small part of its history.

The iconostasis is available upon request.Origin: Mount AthosDimensions: 30 x 17 x 12 cm

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Unique iconostasis with Jesus the Great High Priest on wood of natural aging

In this iconostasis the wonderful representation concerns Christ enthroned as Great High Priest, wearing hierarchical vestments.

It is an amazing copy of an icon, of the17th century, which is located in the historic Sinai Monastery. Jesus is depicted blessing, while this representation of the Lord in hierarchical robes derives its origin from compositions of the Palaeologan era.

As the apostle Paul characteristically states: “We have a Great High Priest who reached the throne of God, Jesus the Son of God. We do not have a high priest who cannot share our weaknesses. On the contrary, he has been tested in everything, because he became a man like us… Let us, therefore, boldly approach the throne of God’s grace, so that He may have mercy on us and give us His grace when we need it.”


This iconostasis is entirely made of pieces of wood, which come from a restored cell of Mount Athos. These are woods, which were preserved with the processing techniques used by the monks for the wooden iconostasis of the temples and then used again. The monks collect the old pieces of wood from doors, shutters, even from the furnishing of a cell and with the passion that pervades every work they do, they turned them into wonderful iconostases. Each of these iconostases is unique, as unique are the pieces of wood of which it is composed.  An elegant iconostasis for every house made by Mount Athos fathers.

The iconostasis is available upon request.

Origin: Mount Athos

Dimensions: 30 x 17 x 12 cm

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