Traditional Mount Athos Recipes – Monk Nikitas – Mount Athos


This new book with traditional Mount Athos recipes was written by the monk Nikitas the Mount Athos, who cooks with passion and respect to tradition, in the Holy Koutloumousiano Cell of Panagia Portaitissa.


Pages: 150

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The traditional Mount Athos recipes were written by the monk Nikitas the Athonite, who cooks with passion and respect for tradition, healthy and delicious dishes.

Father Nikitas shares with us his deep knowledge and understanding in cooking and wishes good luck in our recipes and good appetite.

“One of the most arduous ministries on Mount Athos is that of the cook. Cooking is also an art. It requires inspiration, patience, philotimo and passion. So with love the monk brings the wood to the fireplace or the oven and prepares the ingredients for his cooking. In his recipes he often uses plenty of herbs, vegetables, herbs and legumes. In the Holy Monastery of Iviron, he studied for years the author of these simple, beautiful and relatively easy hundred recipes of this book, which stand out and differ from many others. Father Nikitas comes from the island of Kos. He grew up at sea, collecting nets with his father. He also does the fisherman in the sea of Mount Athos. He knows fish well and their preparation the best and tastiest.”

(From the preface of the monk Moses the Athonite)

In this book “Traditional Mount Athos Recipes” of 150 pages, you will find recipes for: offering, bread, kollyva, fish, seafood, pilafs, eggs, soups, vegetables, vegetables, vegetables, herbs, olive oil, legumes, salads, pickles, sweets, drinks, as well as beautiful photos from everyday life on Mount Athos.

Pages: 150

Available in Greek & Russian Version,


Dimensions: 13 x 0.5 x 0.3 cm

Origin: Holy Koutloumousiano Cell of Panagia Portaitissa.

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