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In the book “Cooking of Mount Athos” you will find 126 traditional, tasty, fasting recipes from Mount Athos, for easy, traditional and healthy cooking. Try the recipes from Agioreita and taste the deliciousness as well as the rich benefits of monastic cuisine for your health.

**Available in Greek, English and Russian version.

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The book “Cooking of Mount Athos” includes one hundred and twenty-six (126) genuine traditional recipes of Mount Athos. These are the most representative recipes of those used to be cooked by the fathers on Mount Agionimos. Meat, both white and red, is excluded from the diet of the Agiorite monks.

The monks of Mount Athos fast for two hundred days a year, so their diet is similar, but without lacking taste, creativity and variety.

The author of the book, Monk Epiphanios Mylopotaminos, emphasizes that what he seeks is to pay more attention to the traditional cuisine of the Greeks, the so-called Mediterranean.

“In the food that our parents and our ancestors prepared and ate. This is the Agioreita cuisine that I learned to cook for thirty-three years. The experts describe it as healthy, Mediterranean, dietary, etc. I don’t know what to call it… You can call it whatever you want, religious, monastic, saintly or even traditional. What matters is that it has a proven result of lower triglycerides and cholesterol, helps to reduce blood pressure while at the same time reducing other harmful ones.”

The monastic diet, as scientific research shows, has rich benefits for the human body and is a factor in longevity.

The Mount Athos Cookbook is fully illustrated and divided into three parts: Fish · Legumes & Oils · Molluscs & Shellfish.

The recipes are enriched with spiritual sayings, paternal texts, proverbs and other psychological benefits, which are interspersed between the texts and the images.

**Available in Grek, English and Russian version.

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